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JQuery FlexiGrid the perfect solution: dotNetFlexGrid - native Ajax Grid Control. 

    DotNetFlexGrid is a kind of asynchronous grid control deriving from, whose predecessor is the Jquery FlexiGrid plug-in unit. We reconstruct most of the code of Javascript of FlexiGrid to make it more efficient and decrease BUG. At the same time, it is encapsulated into dotNet control, providing a simple usage easily-preformed.


    DotNetFlexGrid extends and optimizes the existing function of FlexiGrid, offering more pertinent function. By dotNetFlexGrid, you can have easy access to the following functions:

  • Providing simple ways t o adjust the column width of the grid .
  • Adjusting the size of the grid according to practical situations.
  • Listing the suitable columns in sequence.
  • The easily-performed page editor.
  • Being free to select the column of the grid you need.
  • Quick inquiry outside the grid with the simple, efficient interface.
  • All performance based on the asynchronous model of Ajax, and the page with no need to refresh.
  • Offering the single marquee in the first column, with the function of providing the checkbox and canceling the checkbox.

    At the same time, we provide the new processing scheme of listing data for the developers of Compared with the GridView, or other grid controls, dotNetFlexGrid helps you obtain the functions above easily, improving the users’ experiences; and the developers are glad to find that:

  • With the concise and convenient package, you can finish all the codes by the only one step in the same page (aimed at dotNetFlexGrid). The whole Grid, as a part of the form is submitted, just in the way that the ListBox is performed.
  • With simple call mechanism, you can achieve the functions such as making a sequence, query, screening, paging, etc. by only one backstage method.
  • By simple Javascript code, the client events and methods can easily finish asynchronously refreshing, adding, modifying and deleting lines without the effect to refresh pages (or even need to obtain data once more).
  • With the efficient executable code, AJAX makes your program more efficient than ever.

dotNetFlexGrid for is open source project by 华磊. For more information visit,demonstration projects visit,and You can also visit:



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